Thursday, September 23, 2010

the crux of the blessing

here's something different.
this is not something that fits into an artistic format per se,
but it is inspiring and can cause you to grow & thrive & expand infinitely.
this is a link to a sermon that my pastor shared a few weeks back.
it fits into what you could call his motif.
if you feel like you never manage to meet up to the expectations that surround you
(this would include your own expectations)
- if you feel like you're being crushed beneath them,
then you might want to consider giving this a listen.
the below link will bring you to a list of messages.
open "the crux of the blessing"
or any other one that strikes your fancy.


  1. Good stuff...definitely worth a listen. I think that it's different than most people would expect. Good reminders. I especially like the tie in concept of- you don't live and die by how you "catch", but now you are free to "catch". Good reminders.

  2. here's a link to another great really helped to remind me how to "see the forest through the trees"