Tuesday, September 28, 2010

...A Mix of BlackForrestry- End of Summer 2010 mixtape 2...

Although slightly delayed, here it is, the sequel to my "End of Summer" mixtape. It's a mix of garage, soul, and gospel tunes- some old, some new; some known, some lesser known. Download the entire mix via the mediafire link below or listen to the entire mix as a single track and begin reminiscing about those good 'ol summer days.

1. Create!/Honny & the Bee Band
2. Thane Russall and the Three
3. Ty Segall
4. The Strange Boys
5. Sandwitches
6. Woozy Vipers
7. Yardbirds
8. Rolling Stones
9. Woods
10. Beach Boys
11. Hacienda
12. The Pretty Things
13. Conspiracy of Owls
14. Explorer's Club
15. The Association
16. Shuggie Otis
17. Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens
18. The Art Reynold's Singers
19. New Hope
20. Menahan Street Band
21. Generationals
22. The Byrds
23. Floating Action
24. Band of Bees
25. Floating Action


  1. Hey Josh this is Molly and Jared and I made a cd for you!


  2. Thanks Molly and Jared!!!! I'm downloading it right now!!!!

  3. Okay so I am obsessed with tracks #18 and 19. #19 I imagine you and Shanna pulling the rope in of an amazing sailboat full of your kids... and they all jump off in crazy creative costumes!

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  5. This was posted by the amazingly creative PJ Sykes via facebook....."sweet! I've been using 8tracks.com posting some ITB&W mixes and some other things. http://8tracks.com/pjsykes "

    Check out his beautiful black and white photographs of bands, also