Saturday, September 4, 2010

...Mod Bob & the Owl...

Doug, this is for you....I have put my hand to practicing illustration style drawings. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Here's one that I worked on today. It is a cover for an imaginary book entitled "Mod Bob & the Owl"...who knows maybe someday I'll write an actual story to go along with the cover.


  1. love`love`love it bro!! you're nailin' it like a coffin. it hasn't got a prayer. has the makings of a great book too. keep it up. i'm still writing when i have a minute here or there. i'll send you something soon. d.

  2. I find this amazing as well!

  3. So maybe the owl could be a sort of time machine that mod bob came across. Maybe that how mod bob came to visit the year 2010- by traveling in the owl's stomach cavity! The way you drew it sort of looks like a door. Maybe Mod bob could travel to all different times and share his personal philosophies or style with everybody. He seems like he would have a funny catchphrase to use. I don't know..... this is Molly by the way.