Tuesday, September 21, 2010


so...i need to admit from the get go that this is not a very accessible way to kick off my music posting endeavors. some jazz for you. however, this is not merely jazz, but it's jazz that contains guitar accompaniment throughout. and this is not simply guitar jazz, but it's free guitar jazz. and by that i mean freedom. not monetary freedom. musical freedom (not all of the tracks fall in to this catagory, and none of them are extreme in the free jazz sense).

all the same, this will cost you nothing, and therefore you should consider supporting artists that you especially like, and this goes for all sharing posts. every time i make a mixtape it will come in just under 80 minutes - so...if you fancy, burn it to a disc and drive it around town.

this post is to prove to the naysayers, that guitar and jazz can dance better than you think they can - the proof is in the pudding.

Virtually, Pt. 3 ~ Soft Machine

Maleem Ya Maleem ~ I Heart Lung

Sarana ~ Ray Russell

To Undertake My Corners Open ~ Henry Threadgill's Zooid

Arjen's Bag ~ John McLaughlin

Pete The Poet ~ John McLaughlin

Three Butterflies, Seven Mockingbirds ~ Create (!)

Agnewistic ~ The Richard Davis Trio

Baiyina ~ Pat Martino

The Anniversary Song ~ Django Reinhardt

lastly, for those of you who have a special appreciation for boundary pushing jazz (hi josh), please read the following post from Destination Out about a new feature that they're adding to their blog:


  1. Thanks for the mix, man...I like what I hear so far (I'm absorbing it here at work). Cool stuff that Destination Out is doing. I'm unfamiliar with the label that they're putting music up from- and the 70's and 80's jazz labels scare me a little, as you well know- but I'm open and interested and I'll keep checking to see what they're putting up. thanks for sharing.

  2. glad you're liking it josh. just added this image. i was wanted to use some x-ray oriented stuff to in my photo collage cause i'm studying bones and muscles a lot right now and it's fascinating and always on my mind. i was digging around and came across this and decided to post an image just the way it was. follow this link and read what it's about ~ very cool!

  3. That I Heart Lung track is stellar!!! The Ray Russell song reminds me of something that joins cinematic music with free jazz and a slight bit of funk. It makes me think of a free jazz version of David Axelrod. I love the bowed bass intro to the Richard Davis Trio tune...one of my favorite instrument sounds. The Create! and Django Reinhardt tracks are not playing for me.

  4. yeah, that i heart lung jam is wild! good to see the mahavishnu being represented...