Monday, September 13, 2010

...Photos 3...


  1. 1."You on lock-down, son!"
    2. naughty night?
    3. What Midlake's The Courage of Others should have been.
    4. dissonance/DISTANCE
    5. mmm...yummy...
    6. a team at work (the truth: they are drones waiting to be cut from the hive. Yikes!)
    7. Magic Arm-Caster of Spells
    8. The Ozark Twins of Calabash, N. Carolina
    9. Southern Comfort-Northern Style
    10. exterior decorating
    11. Dragonfly stay dry
    13. Shazam! (or Chaka Khan!) Look at those cowgirl boots!
    14. patterns in array
    15. "More percussion please. Cowbell even."

  2. Haha, man, you're a hoot. I don't quite understand #2....please, do elaborate :)

    It's funny that you mentioned Midlake, because #8 is a shot from a Midlake show...I'm loving your addition to this co-op!!!

  3. I'm really enjoying your photos. You could use practically any of them in other projects. #2 just made me think of two teens in an SUV steaming up the windows. It probably was nothing like that though...was it?