Wednesday, September 8, 2010

...More Photos...

There is something about fall that incites me to take photos. It could go without saying, that with all of the autumn-like weather we have been having, here, in New York, I have been feeling the "itch". Unfortunately, my life has been pretty busy, and it has not allowed me to upload, from my camera to my computer, the few pictures that I have been able to snap. So, this post is intended to sedate these urges for the time being. I have posted, below, photos taken within the last year or so. It really is a treat to go back and remember what blessed days I have had. More to follow soon....

Also, I heard this interview with artist, Marie Lorenz, on breakthru radio. It really interested me. Check it out. Just a note, some of the music interspersed throughout the interview may not be appropriate for all people, places, or settings.

breakthru radio airs an art show weekly. Go to the website, click on program guide, click "Art Uncovered" [in the 2nd column of the grid (under Tuesday) 2nd to last row] to stream/listen to the show. See if you like it.


  1. Titles and thoughts come to my mind for each one of these. They inspire so many words...words that explode from bulrushes and crowd the expanse of sky.

  2. Okay Josh. I'm gonna run through your photos and try my hand at giving you my thoughts. From the top.
    1. I thought..."That pull station seems so small."
    2. The Prophet/Poet at rest
    3. She is interesting. I like the bundle of hair...almost nestlike.
    4. Good ol' brea-fuss or the breakfast of champions
    5. Pillars in the new community
    6. Choco-late...maybe?
    7. beautimous bird, fair fowl, owl with gleaming feathers
    8. wind-driven
    9. Late night walk-"I can't sleep again"
    10. Cousin always wanted to rock out
    11. Bullseye before the capture
    12. "Brotha? None of my family even works here"
    13. A pose for pros
    14. Translated...transfigured...flesh transported on the fringes of science
    15. I remember her. Such a dear ol' soul
    16. The little blonde girl thinks "What is happening to her face?"

  3. You need to have a show with these amazing photos.