Saturday, September 11, 2010

...Damien Jurado & Richard Swift...

So, I thought the first music post I would make, would be about this free album posted on Aquarium Drunkard ( ). The album is a collaboration between Damien Jurado and Richard Swift, in which they do a series of cover songs (in lo-fi production). It's interesting and definitely worth a listen. Here are a couple of songs from the recording to brighten your day. Enjoy, and check out the link above for more info about the project.

...Hello, Sunshine...
Damien Jurado and Richard Swift- Hello Sunshine

...If The Sun Stops Shinin'...
Damien Jurado and Richard Swift- If The Sun Stops Shinin'

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  1. lovin' these tunes bro! my mind is definately moving in the direction of a less produced, more lo-fi approach to recording for Be Thine Mountain. thanks for the post.