Wednesday, September 8, 2010



  1. amazing photos! I especially love the triangle guitar one. Keep up the excellent work- I see you dabble in many different art forms!

  2. Josh you really have an eye for this. Your work is so reflective of your ideals. Though there are no words written, the way in which you capture buildings, people, the streets, signs, beliefs, and love reflect your own heart. I can hear you through each shot. It makes me miss you being around.

  3. 1. Jenny of "The Block" or Home Sweet Home
    2. Derailed
    3. No one comes here anymore...
    4. The gate to hell is open...all who enter here will be...
    5. The Attic of a Hundred Heads
    6. He was a Stone Surfer down to his very soul
    7. I am here (can you see me)