Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[{( born~cinder )}]


  1. These are beautiful!!!!! My favorites are the first and third. The first one looks like Sadie chasing some sort of fleeing cloud/ghost...I love all the movement in it. Nothing says New England like #3. I also like the corn binder...and the playoff of it's name with born cinder. All in all a nice post. So, which ones are Doug's and which ones are Leah's?

  2. thanks man. yeah, leah is really gifted as a photographer. she has finesse and a signature style that i just don't possess. i'm glad that her stuff is being seen, even on a small scale. leah shot 1,2,4,6 & 8 and i shot 3,5 & 7. glad to hear about the good feedback. ben & i recorded tonight and are 85% finished with "since it's a coal mine". it sounds so good and so much different than i had imagined it. i'm siked and hope to post it within the next week or two. hope all is well with your soul-patch. doog loss

  3. 1. The Wind and The Gailer
    2. The Bloomer
    3. The Speakers
    4. The Finder
    5. The Binder
    6. The Holder
    7. The Corner
    8. The Seekers